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Barbara Molhoek Collection

barbaramolhoekart.jpgArtist Bio: In Loving Memory of Barbara...

Barbara was an adventuresome and passionate woman, who had a love for animals and the great outdoors. When she was a little girl Barbara begged her daddy for a pony convincing him to turn the tool shed into a stable. Later in her life she would bring home rescue dogs from the shelter and train them, even setting up and agility course. Never losing her love for animals she expanded her passion to be involved with them by moving on to the hobby of photography and enjoyed capturing her subjects in an untamed form.

Barbara's passion for a natural photo would take her to great lengths. Crossing the boundaries of Yellow Stone Park, receiving federal citations from wildlife sanctuaries, and climbing cliffs in Italy, are just a few examples. In the year 2000 Barbara and her husband Dan began traveling, which gave her the ability to move outside her boundaries. 

Barbara was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan. She worked vigorously studying photography. Her photographs have won numerous awards at camera clubs and she won photographer of the year award. Barbara's work consists of over 2,000 photos of flowers, birds, insects, and landscapes photographed from around the world.

(A portion of the proceeds from the sale of her artwork will go to benefit Habitat for Humanity.)

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